Safelist & Denylist

The Safelist and Denylist give admins the ability to always allow or deny IPs or IP ranges from logging in. There are two different ways to manage your Safelist and Blocklist.

Free Version

When in the plugin dashboard, navigate to the “Logs” tab. Right under “Statistics” you’ll see boxes for “Safelist” and “Denylist”. In the first box, you can add/remove one IP or IP range ( per line. In the second box, you can add/remove your login usernames. Make sure to save when finished.

Premium Version

If you’re a premium user, the safelist and blocklist have a slightly different interface. They are called “IP Access Rules” and “Login Access Rules”. You may enter values here similar to the free version. For a more detailed explanation, please view IP Log Management.
Premium users receive advanced IP intelligence, which detects, counters, and neutralizes malicious login attempts. This requires virtually no manual actions from the user to manage the safelist and denylist.